For retail sales, Thompson Publishers recommends that our readers support local bookstores in or near their communities. Because we publish primarily through Ingram Content Group, that means that bookstores, retail outlets, schools and libraries are all able to order our books at standard discounted rates and then resell them to consumers.

Most of our books are available in e-book format through a variety of online retailers such as Apple iBooks or Barnes and Noble, and many of the titles are available on Amazon either in print format, Kindle e-book format or both. Search for them using ISBN number or author name plus book title. Keep in mind that at this point in time, it is common to see multiple authors with the same name. Also, some retailers will push other book titles ahead of direct searches because of paid advertising. If you have any trouble locating our books, we will help you if you contact us.

For quantity orders of 10 or more copies of a title, please use the form below to contact our offices. Additionally, some local bookstores will offer discounts if you inquire about quantity orders. We recognize homeschools or homeschool coops as educational institutions.

(Multi-select is not available. If you want pricing on more than one title, please note that in your comments below.)
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